About me😏

Hey wonderful people out there, Welcome to my blog!🙆

I’m a highly sophisticated wannabe fashionista who feels the need to express ideas about everything on my mind😂

Just kidding😜, I made this blog so I can connect with like-minded people and pour my heart out on things!❤

PS- This is not a personal blog!

The main reason for the creation of this blog is so that people like me can find extremely connectable stories and posts here…..I’m an absolutely normal girl who spends most of my time online, listening to music which relates to my current situation, obsessing over celebs who have no idea I exists😂😇

But yeah apart from all those I also have certain dreams and plans which distinguishes me from others the same way each of you are different!❤

Basically,  I’m gonna focus on stuff like fashion trends, feel good quotations, music, stories that you can relate with and so on…so please feel free to give your feedback on any improvements and stuff….so I’m gonna stop here and leave you to explore yourself!

Love yaa!😘