Looks-complicated-but-is-not Hairstyles to try when You Are in a Hurry!

We are always in a hurry! Whether it is getting ready for school or collage or work, we cannot afford to spend time on our hair. But as girls, we all know when hair is crappy the day will be crappy! Getting ready for a wedding or party takes a lot of time but this [...]


Reasons Why Joey Tribbiani Should be Your Best Friend!

The first time I saw F.R.I.E.N.D.S, I was totally impressed by Ross's character. But towards the end I realized that Joey is the person we all fell in love with unknowingly! His childish innocence and love for his friends made us all big fans whether girl or boy. We all dream for a best friend [...]

Why Monica, Rachel And Phoebe are Major BFF goals❤!

We have all watched the epic show F.R.I.E.N.D.S and envied their friendship at most times, right? They have provided us with major friendship goals, especially Monica, Rachel and Phoebe! They made us go #friendshipgoals😍 even before hashtags existed, right? While Phoebe is positively crazy😂, Rachel is elegantly fashionable💕. Additionally, while Monica gives off MOM vibes, [...]