Types of Friends We All Have!

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There comes a point in your life when you realize who matters, who never did, who won’t anymore and who always will! And in the end you learn who is true, who is fake and who will risk it all for you!

Best friends are the people who never gets tired of listening to your pointless drama again and again! We all have our own gang of weirdos whom we call friends and whom we can’t kill although they piss us out a lot because we love them. So, this post is about the type of friends everyone of us have in our life.

PS- I dedicate this post to all those idiots without whom I can’t live!

  1. Mr. Always-Right

This is the practical one. Whatever he or she says is mostly the last word because we know they are always right. They are generally the leaders in case of planning stuff. When it come to girls, she is the mom of the group and often gives out precautions on what to do and what not to do!

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2. The funnnnnny one

We all know that person who can make everything funny. They say hi and we start laughing! We all know that when a group of friends gather, the humor level is more than that in Comedy Nights With Kapil Sharma. But this guy is surely responsible for all of it!

His or her presence is filled with sarcasm and we can’t stop ourselves from rolling off laughing! Their laugh is funnier than jokes and should seriously go for stand-up comedy.


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3. Gossip-queen

It is generally the girls’ job to bring in the fresh gossip to your gang….and if you have a gossip-queen who is updated of everything happening then consider yourself very lucky because not only you know everything but you are always entertained!

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4. Mama’s little kid

Seriously, he or she is still parents’ pet! Or they are terrified of them.

”Man, mom is not allowing”

“Dude, you know my dad, he never likes such things.”

“Won’t you parents scold you for sneaking out? For skipping meals? For breathing?”

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5. The Official Chatterbox

Obviously, we all have one in our gang. And if you don’t know who it is, then its probably you!

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This person gets everyone into trouble for talking in class or invite unwanted quarrels very easily…but without them there would be no life in your group!

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6. The Social Butterfly

This person whether girl or boy is part of the popular ones and get really helpful many times. They are invited to most parties and are socially updated about what’s new with everyone!

7. The quiet birdy

There is always that quiet person in the corner who listens to everything and is part of the gang but doesn’t indulge much in the planning or conversations. But we all know that they are the best listeners!

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8. The one who doesn’t give a damn!

This person is different from the chatterbox and Mr Always-right. They don’t care about what others think and is always ready for new adventures. They are chill about getting ground or insults from others because all that matters to them is that they are loved!

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But whatever happens, these differences make them what they are! You consider yourself very very lucky if you have such gems who won’t leave you side. 

So annoy them all you want, just don’t let them go!

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Things Every NRI can relate to (When you are in India for vacation)😣

Being an NRI on vacation in India can be tough! People consider you special in many ways, even though you do enjoy certain privileges you receive from relatives, it can also get annoying when they stereotype you!

Having been in the same situation myself for about 10 years, I know how it feels when you are alienated as the person from “Gulf”. After waiting a lifetime to go to India on vacation, you might be disappointed a bit and would want to go back soon!

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You have a really hard time explaining to others that Dubai is not the only place in Gulf!😡

No, it is actually Damam/Kuwait/Qatar/Bahrain,etc. Like what the hell! Aren’t there any other place in Gulf other than Dubai????

”You are from Dubai, na? ” He is from Dubai, mahn “, you get so pissed when they say that you are from Dubai even if you are from some other country in Gulf! And in the end you decide on accepting the fact that you are from Dubai even if you are not!

Your luggage must include these stuff!😇

Do you speak Arabic fluently? Are you friends with the Sheikhs? Do you go to school on camels?😐

These kind of questions make us go like- Mahn, are you aware that you are still talking?

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Firstly no we don’t speak fluent Arabic. The only Arabic we know is mafi maloom arabi and rest all is history!😒

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Secondly, no way! Do you go meet the PM for tea parties?

And last but not the least, camels are not vehicles. Yah! we do see a lot of camels around but we go in normal vehicles! Do you move around in elephants?

Oil is cheap over there, right?- is a daily statement😂

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Oh my god! Are you kidding me?

Staring people😮😕😦

People come to know we are NRIs and we are suddenly the subject of sly stares. And ridiculous questions like “Do you understand Hindi/Tamil/Malayalam/gujarati,etc? Are you Indian?” are constantly asked. Making it clear here once and for all : NRI stands for Non Residential INDIAN. Get it? I swear, we look and talk the same.

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You have too much attitude according to them😒

Its kinda tough to explain your behavior to people because they assume you to be be having a lot of superiority complex!

So, you think I have an attitude because I stayed in some other country for a few years? Okay, cool. At least you’d stay away!

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The smell of oudh takes you home!😍

Wherever in the world, the slight scent of oudh makes you feel as if you are back there!❤

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And you surely do have some of the most beautiful place in the world which you call home!😍❤😙


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And wherever you go, no place can give you the homely feeling it gives!😚❤



Types of Indian Dads😍

Dads are always the first super hero in everyone’s life!

He is that superman who prefers eating Sāmbhar Vada in Saravana Bhavan while his modern kid is having his lunch in Dominos. He waits for his train while his son lavishes away in his Apache. He is the one who saves every penny to make ends meet. He never cares about how old and rusty he has become and loves to see his son/daughter having a well-educated and lavish life!💕

Our Indians dads are always the most over protective coolest fathers in the world (no offence)  They love us more than anything and I would like to personally dedicate this post to my dear acha as a small father’s day gift!💖


  1. The cool dad😎

This type of dad is super cool in every way! Whether it is coming late home or less grades he is probably okay with it because he knows you will do better next time and he trusts you completely!


2. The Hitler😓

He is the hitler! And I don’t think I have to explain much about this.  Like Simran’s dad in DDLJ- They firmly believe in a conservative and disciplined upbringing.

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3. The ambitious Dad🙌

Well all dads are like this to an extend! But they are a little bit more ambitious about your future than you. “Mere bachey toh engineer aur doctor banegey.” He is competitive and he wants you to be the best. He will do or say anything to make you pursue what he wants like the famous virus from 3 idiot!

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4. The NO dad😭

Most of our fathers turn into the NO dads at times! Even before asking the question, the answer comes out as a firm no. Money? NO! Outing? NO! Breathe? NO

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5. Sanskari Father

Sanskar, parampara, adar-satkar are all that this kind of fathers expect out of their children! They also make sure that you follow them correctly !

ddlj kajol with dad_1409650718.gif

But towards the end of the day, we realize that they are ready to do anything to see your stupid smile!


Because from the moment you were born, he promised you and himself that he will be the best father in the world!❤

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Signs You Are a Tomboy!✌

First of all, to all those people who don’t know what a tomboy is! Guys, “a tomboy is a girl who enjoys rough, noisy activities traditionally associated with boys.”

But to be extremely clear, the not so girly girls are generally classified as tomboys!

You can go through this checklist to confirm whether you really are ‘one of the guys’ or not!



Ps- You don’t need to cut your hair or wear button-downs all the time to be a tomboy. It is all in the attitude!😂

  1. Makeup, hair and dressing up = punishmentssss!

You never really stand in front of the mirror and accuse yourself of being the most beautiful girl on Earth. You don’t exactly go ‘WOW’ at the sight of clothes and shoes.

And if you are forced to dress up- You have no clue what to do!😂

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And you might eventually end up like this!😈

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2. You are the bro of your gang!

You often find your guy friends saying, “Tu toh apna bhai hai yaar!”. The boys and girls treat you like one of the bros. Guys are completely at ease when they’re around you and talk to you about all their girl issues.😇

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Even with girls, you are the one they go to when they want to hit someone, you also have no problem in picking up a fight right on the streets!😒

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3. Bored by girly talk!

You get easily bored when your girls talk about makeup, fashion or just general gossiping! You prefer back slapping your male friends and carrying out practical jokes than going on a shopping spree with girls and gossiping. And yeah pink is not your colour!😐

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4. Your cupboard is filled with shirts from men’s sections!

You are more comfortable in you’re daddy’s clothes! Well most of us are, but you specially prefer a flannel shirt😍 over your little black dress!

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5. Girly days are celebrated!❤

One day you dress up well like a lady and BOOOM! People are looking at you like an alien. “Are you not feeling well?”, people keep asking! The day you wear a dress or a lehenga, you’re the centre of attention it’s a festival!

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6. Parents’ problem😒

You often hear them say, “Beta, thodi toh ladkiyon jaisi banja!” Its difficult for the arguments to calm them down! Whether it is about learning to cook or wearing a sari, arguments never go out of style!😂

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7. Sarcasm!❤

You are the best at making everyone laugh hen you are with the girls. Your sarcasm never dies and you have no problem in laughing like a maniac at lame things! There is no shyness or anything when it comes to enjoying life!

Image result for laugh gif crazy

Whatever people say, it is just a tiara which makes a princess…but a sword and badass attitude which makes a queen. So whatever happens never change for anyone because these small things obviously keep you out of the crowd!❤✌

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Things You Will Understand only if You Have Younger Siblings!

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Being the elder sibling is pure torture! Although there are many perks of being the first child, you are also the ‘adjusting one’, right? Being an elder sister to a little devil myself, I know what happens actually!😒

Yah, we get to boss around and take up responsibilty and stuff but handling younger siblings can be awfully hard!


You are supposed to be the role-model😐

It doesn’t matter whether you or your siblings don’t accept this idea, your parents will keep ranting about this! Because for them every wrong thing you do is equal to teaching your sibling the same. You are supposed to pass down your so-called ”Wisdom” to them!

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Those times when your sibling tries to copy you and it drives you insane!

It is the most annoying thing ever!

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You are so surprised when your sibling hit a new benchmark in life-

Like become a teenager or college and stuff! Its hard to believe that they grew up so fast, like they were so little, its so hard to believe!😱

Why can’t they stay little forever? Cute little smiles are way better than cute big smiles!

Image result for sibling growing gif

Image result for sibling growing gif

Fights Fights Fights!😂

So what if you are older, fights never go out of fashion! Just kidding, from remote wars to extra maggi you just can’t let them win over, right?

Image result for sibling fight gif

Image result for sibling fight gif

The only time you bond is during games!

Whether its on the phone or mind games, those are the single time when you enjoy their company!❤

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Sarcasm never goes out of style!

The first person to try out your latest sarcastic comments are always sibling! The way we punch each other in the face with words is superrrr fun!😜

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You are super- protective

Even if you don’t show it. So what if they annoy you to death, it a job you took up since their birth! You must do it!😍

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Most of all being the oldest sibling is the toughest job in the world but you won’t have it another way!

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Because in the end of the day seeing your sibling do something right like you can be the best feeling in the world!💞

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Looks-complicated-but-is-not Hairstyles to try when You Are in a Hurry!

We are always in a hurry! Whether it is getting ready for school or collage or work, we cannot afford to spend time on our hair. But as girls, we all know when hair is crappy the day will be crappy!

Getting ready for a wedding or party takes a lot of time but this is okay. But nobody has time to invest in using heat or trying complicated braids and buns in the morning, right?

So here are some gorgeous hairstyles to take your everyday look to a totally different level but can be done easily so that you are dressed to kill!


The side-twist Ponytail

This is a no-time twist when you are in a hurry!


The High Pony Fishtail Braid


The 2-min Hair Bow


The easy French hawk

What You'll Need: - Bobby pins- Mini hair elastics- Texturizing finishing spray- Tail combStep 1: With your tail comb, separate out a two-inch wide section of hair at the top of your head in the center. It should start at your hairline and end at the crown of your head. Step 2: Beginning at your hair line, separate your section of hair into three smaller sections to start your French braid. Step 3: Continue to French-braid the entire section, picking up pieces to add to your braid as you go. Step 4: Once your braid reaches the end of the section of hair you created, secure the end of the braid with a mini hair elastic. Step 5: Bobby pin the hair elastic down to your head. For an extra secure hold, push the bobby pin through the elastic before pushing into your hair. Step 6: On your loose hair, spray texturizing finishing spray to add body.


Having a bad-hair day has always been a struggle for mankind, oops! I meant for girls! But yeah, like always we always make it through, right?

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