Types of Friends We All Have!

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There comes a point in your life when you realize who matters, who never did, who won’t anymore and who always will! And in the end you learn who is true, who is fake and who will risk it all for you!

Best friends are the people who never gets tired of listening to your pointless drama again and again! We all have our own gang of weirdos whom we call friends and whom we can’t kill although they piss us out a lot because we love them. So, this post is about the type of friends everyone of us have in our life.

PS- I dedicate this post to all those idiots without whom I can’t live!

  1. Mr. Always-Right

This is the practical one. Whatever he or she says is mostly the last word because we know they are always right. They are generally the leaders in case of planning stuff. When it come to girls, she is the mom of the group and often gives out precautions on what to do and what not to do!

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2. The funnnnnny one

We all know that person who can make everything funny. They say hi and we start laughing! We all know that when a group of friends gather, the humor level is more than that in Comedy Nights With Kapil Sharma. But this guy is surely responsible for all of it!

His or her presence is filled with sarcasm and we can’t stop ourselves from rolling off laughing! Their laugh is funnier than jokes and should seriously go for stand-up comedy.


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3. Gossip-queen

It is generally the girls’ job to bring in the fresh gossip to your gang….and if you have a gossip-queen who is updated of everything happening then consider yourself very lucky because not only you know everything but you are always entertained!

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4. Mama’s little kid

Seriously, he or she is still parents’ pet! Or they are terrified of them.

”Man, mom is not allowing”

“Dude, you know my dad, he never likes such things.”

“Won’t you parents scold you for sneaking out? For skipping meals? For breathing?”

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5. The Official Chatterbox

Obviously, we all have one in our gang. And if you don’t know who it is, then its probably you!

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This person gets everyone into trouble for talking in class or invite unwanted quarrels very easily…but without them there would be no life in your group!

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6. The Social Butterfly

This person whether girl or boy is part of the popular ones and get really helpful many times. They are invited to most parties and are socially updated about what’s new with everyone!

7. The quiet birdy

There is always that quiet person in the corner who listens to everything and is part of the gang but doesn’t indulge much in the planning or conversations. But we all know that they are the best listeners!

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8. The one who doesn’t give a damn!

This person is different from the chatterbox and Mr Always-right. They don’t care about what others think and is always ready for new adventures. They are chill about getting ground or insults from others because all that matters to them is that they are loved!

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But whatever happens, these differences make them what they are! You consider yourself very very lucky if you have such gems who won’t leave you side.Β 

So annoy them all you want, just don’t let them go!

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