Types of Indian Dads😍

Dads are always the first super hero in everyone’s life!

He is that superman who prefers eating Sāmbhar Vada in Saravana Bhavan while his modern kid is having his lunch in Dominos. He waits for his train while his son lavishes away in his Apache. He is the one who saves every penny to make ends meet. He never cares about how old and rusty he has become and loves to see his son/daughter having a well-educated and lavish life!💕

Our Indians dads are always the most over protective coolest fathers in the world (no offence)  They love us more than anything and I would like to personally dedicate this post to my dear acha as a small father’s day gift!💖


  1. The cool dad😎

This type of dad is super cool in every way! Whether it is coming late home or less grades he is probably okay with it because he knows you will do better next time and he trusts you completely!


2. The Hitler😓

He is the hitler! And I don’t think I have to explain much about this.  Like Simran’s dad in DDLJ- They firmly believe in a conservative and disciplined upbringing.

Image result for ddlj amrih puri gif

Image result for hitler dad gif

3. The ambitious Dad🙌

Well all dads are like this to an extend! But they are a little bit more ambitious about your future than you. “Mere bachey toh engineer aur doctor banegey.” He is competitive and he wants you to be the best. He will do or say anything to make you pursue what he wants like the famous virus from 3 idiot!

Image result for boman irani 3 idiots gif

Image result for ambitious dad  indiangif

4. The NO dad😭

Most of our fathers turn into the NO dads at times! Even before asking the question, the answer comes out as a firm no. Money? NO! Outing? NO! Breathe? NO

Image result for STRICT DAD gif

5. Sanskari Father

Sanskar, parampara, adar-satkar are all that this kind of fathers expect out of their children! They also make sure that you follow them correctly !

ddlj kajol with dad_1409650718.gif

But towards the end of the day, we realize that they are ready to do anything to see your stupid smile!


Because from the moment you were born, he promised you and himself that he will be the best father in the world!❤

Image result for father love tumblr gif








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