Signs You Are a Tomboy!✌

First of all, to all those people who don’t know what a tomboy is! Guys, “a tomboy is a girl who enjoys rough, noisy activities traditionally associated with boys.”

But to be extremely clear, the not so girly girls are generally classified as tomboys!

You can go through this checklist to confirm whether you really are ‘one of the guys’ or not!



Ps- You don’t need to cut your hair or wear button-downs all the time to be a tomboy. It is all in the attitude!😂

  1. Makeup, hair and dressing up = punishmentssss!

You never really stand in front of the mirror and accuse yourself of being the most beautiful girl on Earth. You don’t exactly go ‘WOW’ at the sight of clothes and shoes.

And if you are forced to dress up- You have no clue what to do!😂

Image result for putting makeup gif

And you might eventually end up like this!😈

Image result for putting makeup gif

2. You are the bro of your gang!

You often find your guy friends saying, “Tu toh apna bhai hai yaar!”. The boys and girls treat you like one of the bros. Guys are completely at ease when they’re around you and talk to you about all their girl issues.😇

Image result for kkhh kajol gifs

Even with girls, you are the one they go to when they want to hit someone, you also have no problem in picking up a fight right on the streets!😒

Image result for tomboy fighting gifs

3. Bored by girly talk!

You get easily bored when your girls talk about makeup, fashion or just general gossiping! You prefer back slapping your male friends and carrying out practical jokes than going on a shopping spree with girls and gossiping. And yeah pink is not your colour!😐

Image result for tomboy  gifs

4. Your cupboard is filled with shirts from men’s sections!

You are more comfortable in you’re daddy’s clothes! Well most of us are, but you specially prefer a flannel shirt😍 over your little black dress!

Image result for indian tomboy gif


5. Girly days are celebrated!❤

One day you dress up well like a lady and BOOOM! People are looking at you like an alien. “Are you not feeling well?”, people keep asking! The day you wear a dress or a lehenga, you’re the centre of attention it’s a festival!

Image result for wedding gif bollywood

6. Parents’ problem😒

You often hear them say, “Beta, thodi toh ladkiyon jaisi banja!” Its difficult for the arguments to calm them down! Whether it is about learning to cook or wearing a sari, arguments never go out of style!😂

Image result for indian tomboy gif

Image result for indian parents gif

7. Sarcasm!❤

You are the best at making everyone laugh hen you are with the girls. Your sarcasm never dies and you have no problem in laughing like a maniac at lame things! There is no shyness or anything when it comes to enjoying life!

Image result for laugh gif crazy

Whatever people say, it is just a tiara which makes a princess…but a sword and badass attitude which makes a queen. So whatever happens never change for anyone because these small things obviously keep you out of the crowd!❤✌

Image result for badass gifs


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