Things You Will Understand only if You Have Younger Siblings!

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Being the elder sibling is pure torture! Although there are many perks of being the first child, you are also the ‘adjusting one’, right? Being an elder sister to a little devil myself, I know what happens actually!πŸ˜’

Yah, we get to boss around and take up responsibilty and stuff but handling younger siblings can be awfully hard!


You are supposed to be the role-model😐

It doesn’t matter whether you or your siblings don’t accept this idea, your parents will keep ranting about this! Because for them every wrong thing you do is equal to teaching your sibling the same. You are supposed to pass down your so-called ”Wisdom” to them!

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Those times when your sibling tries to copy you and it drives you insane!

It is the most annoying thing ever!

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You are so surprised when your sibling hit a new benchmark in life-

Like become a teenager or college and stuff! Its hard to believe that they grew up so fast, like they were so little, its so hard to believe!😱

Why can’t they stay little forever? Cute little smiles are way better than cute big smiles!

Image result for sibling growing gif

Image result for sibling growing gif

Fights Fights Fights!πŸ˜‚

So what if you are older, fights never go out of fashion! Just kidding, from remote wars to extra maggi you just can’t let them win over, right?

Image result for sibling fight gif

Image result for sibling fight gif

The only time you bond is during games!

Whether its on the phone or mind games, those are the single time when you enjoy their company!❀

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Sarcasm never goes out of style!

The first person to try out your latest sarcastic comments are always sibling! The way we punch each other in the face with words is superrrr fun!😜

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You are super- protective

Even if you don’t show it. So what if they annoy you to death, it a job you took up since their birth! You must do it!😍

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Most of all being the oldest sibling is the toughest job in the world but you won’t have it another way!

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Because in the end of the day seeing your sibling do something right like you can be the best feeling in the world!πŸ’ž

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