Reasons Why Joey Tribbiani Should be Your Best Friend!


The first time I saw F.R.I.E.N.D.S, I was totally impressed by Ross’s character. But towards the end I realized that Joey is the person we all fell in love with unknowingly!

His childish innocence and love for his friends made us all big fans whether girl or boy. We all dream for a best friend like Joey because nobody could reach his perfection level, right? Here are reasons 8 why he should be your best friend!

1. He will help out his friends in any situation

Remember when he stopped eating meat when Phoebe was pregnant and craving it to balance out the cows, or in London when he invented a map-use system that actually does come in quite handy. Or how about the time he peed to save Monica! Eew, it gross but still!

Image result for joey peeing on monica gif

3.) He has brilliant solutions for all the problems in life.

2. He is always comfortable in his own skin

Joey is one the person ho doesn’t care for what others think of him. He is still a kid at heart so the innocence is too cute to handle! Especially when he had a hard time giving up his favorite Hugsy to Emma!

3. Who wouldn’t want an actor for a best friend?

We all loved Dr. Drake Ramoray, right? He is multi-talented apart from his acting talent which surely impresses everyone!

Image result for joey as dr drake ramoray dialogues

4. He cares for others more than himself

Remember the time when he proposed phoebe because he thought she was gonna become a single mother and later proposed Rachel when he realized it as her who was actually pregnant! Oh come on, where do you get a friend like that?

5. Because of his world-famous catch phrase

”HOW YOU DOIN’?”, this is something which we can’t get enough of, right?

6. His ability to eat everything is everyone’s goal!

Everyone knows that Joey an eat up anything. Remember the time when Rachel cooked awfully but joey loved it! No wonder he loves Monica so much.

Image result for joey eating gif

Image result for joey eating gif

But the only problem is…

Image result for joey doesn't share food gif

And his besties surely know that!

Image result for joey doesn't share food scene

7. He sure knows what ‘bromance’ is all about!

Joey and Chandler’s friendship introduced the word bromance to the world. He did not shy away from publicly displaying his affection. He knew how to turn an evening into eventful night!

8. He taught us what Friendship is!

 He never confessed his feelings for Rachel because she was in love with Ross. He was adamant not to leave when everybody decided to move on in life. He was always there for Chandler to give him love advice. He kept Monica and Chandler’s romantic relationship a secret until they wanted it out. Need more examples to prove my point?

joey tribbiani why god gif
Isn’t he adorable?

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