Looks-complicated-but-is-not Hairstyles to try when You Are in a Hurry!

We are always in a hurry! Whether it is getting ready for school or collage or work, we cannot afford to spend time on our hair. But as girls, we all know when hair is crappy the day will be crappy!

Getting ready for a wedding or party takes a lot of time but this is okay. But nobody has time to invest in using heat or trying complicated braids and buns in the morning, right?

So here are some gorgeous hairstyles to take your everyday look to a totally different level but can be done easily so that you are dressed to kill!


The side-twist Ponytail

This is a no-time twist when you are in a hurry!


The High Pony Fishtail Braid


The 2-min Hair Bow


The easy French hawk

What You'll Need: - Bobby pins- Mini hair elastics- Texturizing finishing spray- Tail combStep 1: With your tail comb, separate out a two-inch wide section of hair at the top of your head in the center. It should start at your hairline and end at the crown of your head. Step 2: Beginning at your hair line, separate your section of hair into three smaller sections to start your French braid. Step 3: Continue to French-braid the entire section, picking up pieces to add to your braid as you go. Step 4: Once your braid reaches the end of the section of hair you created, secure the end of the braid with a mini hair elastic. Step 5: Bobby pin the hair elastic down to your head. For an extra secure hold, push the bobby pin through the elastic before pushing into your hair. Step 6: On your loose hair, spray texturizing finishing spray to add body.


Having a bad-hair day has always been a struggle for mankind, oops! I meant for girls! But yeah, like always we always make it through, right?

Image result for brushing hair gif



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