5 Books to Read If You ‘Hate’ Reading😏



So you hate reading, huh? Well, I’m not surprised! Because in today’s world where checking on what other people are doing and peeping into other’s business through Facebook and Snapchat is so entertaining, who would want to read?

But being an obsessive and staunch reader myself, I can never stop myself from reading a good book. But this article if for those who say “Reading is not my thing!”

I have some news for you: reading is awesome, and you probably don’t dislike it as much as you think. You just haven’t found the right book yet.

I’m not gonna waste your time by listing out the advantages of reading but do take a look at these books if you are a beginner or haven’t started yet!

  1. Pink Or Black- Tishaa

To begin with, I have read this myself and suggested this to many non-readers who loved it! I am not bragging but this is the perfect teen book whether you are a boy or girl!

Summary- Tiana’s life comprises the standard dramas of boarding school life, whether it be falling in love, coping with friends or struggling with school-work. To add to the tumult, she embarks upon the ‘finding it’ mission: a search to find out who she really is and who she can be. It leads her to the most terrifying incident of her life. A memorable and evocative book, Pink or Black explores all the pleasure and pain that accompany being a teenager in school.


2. The Fault In Our Stars- John Greene

I know what you guys are thinking. Why read the book when you can watch the movie, right? Guys, the pleasure you get from reading this thing is too much when compared to watching it on screen!

The chemistry between Augustus and Hazel is depicted so beautifully which will make your heart melt for sure!

Summary- Teenager Hazel Grace’s life changes when she meets Augustus Waters at a cancer support group. The two then embark on a life-changing journey which brings them even closer


3. The alchemist-Paulo Coehlo

To be honest, Paulo Coehlo is not a writer but a magician! This book takes us to a totally different place, and you will love reading after reading this.



4. Paper Towns- John Greene

John Greene has done another fabulous work and the result is -paper towns.

Summary- Quentin’s girl crush Margo disappears one night mysteriously after leaving behind clues for him to look for her. Along with a bunch of friends, he sets out on a search mission trailing the clues.


5. Dead Beautiful- Yvonne Woon

Dead Beautiful is a young adult urban fantasy novel by American author Yvonne Woon. The story follows Renée Winters, an orphan who is sent to a mysterious academy. While enrolled, Renée discovers a series of paranormal enigmas, most surrounding her school, her boyfriend, and eventually herself.

This is one whole package!


Reading is sort of a drug, but unlike other drugs people are not interested in starting but once they do, they can’t stop themselves!

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