Things all Indian teens do but never admit!😜

Yes, we do a lot of crap but don’t admit them. We, as Indians, are not ashamed when it comes to admitting our love for western culture. From movies to music, we openly brag about our western preferences. But when it comes to confessing our love for Indian stuff, we choose to be shy for the fear of being judged. We may seem all videsi from the outside, but deep down inside we are all hindustanis.

Starring in the music video😎

When a song plays on the radio in your car, and you stare outside the window as if it is your music video!

Come on, guys admit it! And it would be perfect if it is an emotional track and it is raining outside, isn’t it?πŸ™Œ


The Phone-call olympics

Walking up and down the house when your on the phone and having an interesting conversation. We all do this little phone call dance although we never know why. It just happens, isn’t it?πŸ˜‚

Reading Chetan Bhagat’s books

“Who reads Chetan Bhagat? He writes such crap”… “I read his latest book the day it came out. It’s so bad. Wonder why people read it!” “What? You read his books? Oh my God!” Well, isn’t this the regular drama we make? But still secretly like them, right?😜


Believing in crap

“I don’t believe in these FLAMES and percentage!”😨

“No need to check my horoscope, I don’t believe in these stuff”😱

“Seriously? So I’ll die if i don’t forward to 10 people? Lets see”πŸ˜’

But secretly everyone tried FLAMES and percentage, their horoscope and compatibilty!

( And even forward the message just in case)πŸ˜‚


Guessed it right?πŸ˜€

Eating with handsπŸ™Œ

Most of continue this at home and go western when we dine out. Sure, fine dining has ambiance and all that jazz. But the real heaven is getting your fingers dirty with chilly sauce dripping from those lip-smacking samosas and licking them clean!


Watch Rom-Coms

How much ever Macho you consider yourself, you must admit that you enjoy romantic comedy movies and albums like hopeless romantics! Haven’t we all cried for ‘Tussi na jao” from KKHH? Envied Naina-bunny’s chemistry?Obsessed over kajol-srk in DDLJ?😍😘

Come on, admit it people!


Stalked someone endlessly

We do not have our neighbor aunty’s talent in stalking but still have done it from social media or through mutual friends, right?😨


Imagining scenarios in bed

Imagining the craziest of scenarios in our head that are never likely to happen. The time when you are in bed but not sleepy( and the phones dead by the way), don’t we all create scenes in out mind which have a 0.00001% chance of happening?πŸ˜‡



That laugh

The fake laugh we pull when we have no idea what the other person has said. And hope that is was something funny! Yes, we all do that, right?😜


Selfieing time

Spend at least 20 minutes trying to find your best selfie angle. And that’s not including the time you took finding the perfect lighting in your apartment.

Come on, we can’t blame ourselves, right?😎

Image result for gif selfie

Last but not the least-

Slap the remote

Well, it is a known fact that you give the remote one good thappad, it will work properly. It is something we have learnt from our ancestors,right?πŸ˜€


Its okay, guys! We all do the exact same thing but would never admit*😏



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