5 Perfect DIY gifts for your Mother😍❤

Mothers no matter what love us till the end! Indian mothers are always the best in pampering us, right? They have a talent of adding extra spice and drama to anything and everything! So why not gift ’em with something special so that they feel pampered!


PS- With moms, its the thought that counts, not the price tag!

1. Super cute DIY magnets

These adorable magnets with pics are an awesome gift for your mom. You can use school photos, family photos or pics from trips you went together! Its a perfect accessory for the refrigerator or anywhere else.

Tutorial at: Sundaesins

2. Ombre` Tote bag

Make this awesome bag in your mom’s favorite color because this thing is perfect to hold all her daily essentials.

Get the tutorial at Hi Sugarplum »

3.  An adorable mug for her!

4.  A pop-up greeting card

Card never go out of style! Making this fabulous pop-up card is super simple and you will also make sure you have something sweet for her!

Write about how much you love her and this will surely melt your heart!

5. A jar of reasons

This is my favorite and one hell of a gift, guys! Take a jar and fill it with chits telling the reasons why you love her, this is a very easy last minute idea which which will surely impress your mom.


Our Desi moms will surely be very impressed with these gifts  because they are too sweet to resist!




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