10 must-haves every girl should possess in her wardrobe💕(no matter what!)


”I have nothing to wear!”, a line we say almost daily while staring at our wardrobe, right? Every girl can relate to the situation with a wardrobe overflowing with clothes and still having nothing to wear…….Its not our mistake, right girls?

These are some must-have essentials every girl must possess so that wherever you go you are dressed to slay babe!😎

  1. A plain white T-shirt


Why? Because is there something more versatile than this baby? This thing can go with almost anything ! And with the right styling, you’re ready to go..whether its a Sunday brunch or an office meeting!


2. The classic denim jacket


The denim jacket goes with everything, just find the correct fitting and taaaddaaa!!😏

There’s nothing better than a perfect, broken-in denim. They’re effortlessly cool, casual, and comfortable!



3. A pair of your best jeans that fits like second skin.



Jeans are obviously the most important clothing in most of our wardrobes, right?

Whether they are skinny, ripped, carbon washed or boyfriend…if u find a pair of jeans which is super comfy, then consider yourself very lucky, sistah!

4.The perfect blazer

Must be thinking what you’re gonna do with one?

Well, a blazer is a must if you wanna look and feel confident at that interview…obviously you can’t wear a flannel shirt to work, right?


5. That statement watch

Yeah yeah, I know they are expensive and all…but investing in a statement watch can take your look to a whole new level I promise!😇


6.A pair of the coziest sweatpants in the world.

Sweatpants are a blessing to the humankind….They are the comfiest thing to change into!

Moreover its the 21st Century, wearing cute sweatpants to shopping or lunch is a fabulous way to spice up your everyday look, girl.💕

Yahh Sweatpantsss!!


7. The perfect desi outfit.

There is no question that every desi girl will have some traditional outfits in her wardrobe for sure…..but what about the outfit to shine?🙌

It doesn’t matter whether it is a lehanga, sari or whatever…we must have something heavy to slay at that bestie’s reception or cousin’s wedding!



Now who doesn’t like to look good in Indian outfit*wink*!

8. Something which holds emotional value

This is not something to wear out..but just something to possess like a personal autographed shirt form school, a fan-girl T-shirt or even the hoodie of a very special person😍

9. The desi but chic kurtis

There are times in life when we have to look sanskaari without putting on something heavy, right girls?

So this is the simple but cute kurtis which you can pair with your fave pallazos, skirts, leggings or jeggings!😍

This is a very easy way of pulling a gorgeous look whenever you have to wear something chic but desi whether it is to work or shopping or wherever!


10. A super comfy set of PJs

Yeahh, PJs!

We all love our pajamas,right? So what’s wrong in buying a perfect match pair of PJs! Specially for those days when the only thing you feel like doing is going tobedgigglgo
 The bed at laaastttt!


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